Knife ring flakers


Machines, supplied in 3 types, for transformation of chips into flat flakes for core and outer layers of boards. Type TC featured by a rapid knife change on machine board, type TCC featured by knifeholder impeller change, type TK featured by knifeholder fixed drum change. The last type is also supplied in the TKS model, designed for recovery and working of thick flakes, wet or dry, rejected by screeners. Production capacity kg/h ODB 2000 ÷ 10000.

Hammer mills


Machines for working of chips and rejected thick flakes. The range MM foresees 3 types according to infeed material type: for working of wet chips, for working of wet flakes, for working of dry flakes. The product obtained from working of these machines is used for core layer of board and for production of combustible products as briquettes. Production capacity kg/h ODB 1000 ÷10000.

Refining mills


Machines, supplied in 3 types, for transformation of dry flakes into fines for outer layers of boards. Equipped with suitable nets, they can also work material with max. moisture degree of 30%. With some changes, these machines can be used for production of wooden powder and fuel. Production capacity kg/h ODB 1700 ÷ 9400.