Pessa Impianti is placed in Concordia Sagittaria, Venice district; it has a well equipped workshop developed on a wide production area.

Its main activity is the production of machines and plants for wood working and production of flakes and fibers, chipping and flaking lines, mainly used in the particle board, MDF and OSB industry and in the wood composite products industry.

Thanks to their versatility, these machines can be used also in other fields, some under great development as energy production plants and recycling of wooden wastes (biomass plants, pellet production plants, briquettes plants and wood flour plants) and others as paper industry and sawmills.

The production range has been recently increased with the introduction of a wood flaking machine for zootechny, the new flaker for animal litter flakes.

The experience in flaker and fiber production, the observation and direct study in wood workings, the continuous evolution in engineering and manufacturing of the machines to satisfy Customers’ needs, brought to the realization of hundreds installations and plants, all over the world, known for their reliability and long lasting.

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